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Woodland management

How trees can stack up to help your farm business diversify

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Peter Knox is a Business Development Advisor with the Forestry Commission. A key aim of his work is helping farmers become more resilient through incorporating trees into their farm businesses. Based in the Penrith Office, Peter oversees an exciting area for …

Woods into Management Forestry Innovation Funds: 2022 successful applicants

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Stacks of planks made out of ash in a sawmill

  Jack Clough is the Forestry Commission Grant Manager. Here he talks about the successful applicants from the 2022 Woods Into Management Forestry Innovation Funds. In the UK, it is often thought that woodlands should be left alone. However, much …

Trees on farms: success stories for nature and people

Andy speaking at a farm management training event.

In this guest blog from LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), read about the farmers incorporating trees into their farms to benefit their businesses, wildlife, community relationships, and climate change resilience.

Reducing the impact of deer on the natural environment - consultation opens

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Fallow deer amongst some trees

Wild deer, especially native species, are an important and valued part of our natural heritage, but current levels pose risks to our woodlands. Find out more about the impacts of deer and the deer management strategy being developed.