Give Trees A Helping Hand - Infographic

Infographic depicting facts and figures around tree and the requirements necessary to keep them healthy including the work we do and how the general public can help. Our trees: 3.2 million hectares of woodland in the UK, the asset value of our trees is estimated to be 175bn, 470 million tonnes of material pass through out UK major ports each year,  around 350 pests on the UK Plant Health resister can affect trees, around 430 million visits to woodlands in England (between 2017 to 2018), 43 ,000 people work in forestry and primary wood processing in the UK. Tree Health Facts; Forestry Commission protect over 860,000 hectares in England monitoring from the sky and the ground, since Observatree began volunteers have submitted over 9000 tree health reports, tree and plant border inspectors carry out over 30,000 physical checks of consignments deemed to be high risk each year,  between 2012 and 2019 government have invested over 37 million in tree health and research, the Tree Health diagnostic and advisory service dealt with 2500 enquries between April 2018 and March 2019.  You can help then three lines to three separate points. 1st Think Kit, Think Transport, Think Trees. 2nd Spot It familiarise yourself with tree pest and disease symptoms  and report through Tree Alert, 3rd Avoid It, source trees responsibly and avoid bringing plant material from abroad.

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